Website Access Problems

Website Access Problems

We regret that there has been difficulty in gaining access to our website recently.  The problem was caused by an update being applied by our Hosting Company and it took us several days to recover our data and get the site up and running again.  As a result of this and other matters, we have decided to take responsibility for hosting our website through a Virtual Private Server that we believe will give us more control and security, whilst also meeting demands placed on us by IBM.  We hope to make that change later this month.  In the meantime, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.


  1. Trevor Lott

    For some reason I have not been receiving the digital version of the IBM retiree club news letter, and have recently had the last two sent to me by a member.
    Please could look into this for me. Thankyou
    Kind Regards Trevor Lott

  2. David Sparrow

    Trevor. Apologies for that but it appears from subsequent correspondence that your list of “allowed” email addresses did not include the one from which we send the mailshots. Now you have added that, you should receive them in future. Please advise if that does not happen. We have sent you a test email for validation. Best Wishes.

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