Art of Banksy Exhibition

Art of Banksy Exhibition

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The world’s largest collection of privately-owned Banksy art makes its mark on London for the first time. Previously seen by over 750,000 people in Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami and Sydney, The Art of Banksy is a completely new exhibition showcasing one of the world’s most provocative and important living artists, providing a welcome reminder of the explosive impact of Banksy’s works.

Date/Time: Tuesday, 9th November 2021 at 11:00

Location: 50 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9LJ

Price: £14.50 per person. £29 for retiree and guest

Event Organiser: Ros Patrick

On display as part of the exhibition are prints, canvasses, screen-prints, sculptures and limited-edition pieces mainly dated between 1997 and 2008, including well-known works such as ‘Girl with Balloon’, ‘Flower Thrower’ and ‘Rude Copper’ as well as lesser-known works on canvas, wood and paper.

Banksy has been described as subversive, mysterious and brilliant so we are delighted to offer you this rare opportunity to explore the fascinating world of this great artist.

Note: Tickets will not be sent out until approximately two weeks before the date of the exhibition.

Payment should be by cheque, posted with the booking form to the Event Organiser. If you are unable to pay by cheque you can pay online. Specify BACS on your booking form and the Event Organiser will provide you with our bank details and event reference. Payment is required within 72 hours of us sending this information.

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for your tickets (whichever way you choose to pay). The envelope must be large enough (a minimum of 9”x 4½” or 220mm x 110mm) to accommodate the A4 size tickets.

Event Booking

All tickets sold
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