Backstage and Architecture Tours

Backstage and Architecture Tours

The National Theatre, which is located at the South Bank Centre, has three theatres, a learning centre, restaurants and bookshop.  We are providing you with the opportunity to take a conducted tour of this excellent venue where around 4,000 people work, including actors, ushers, scenic artists, practitioners and hundreds of skilled craftspeople, all working together to produce world-class theatre.  We are offering two different tours, a Backstage tour in the morning and an Architecture tour in the afternoon.  You have the option of taking just one of these tours, or both.

Date/Time: Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at 11:00 - 16:00

Location: National Theatre, Upper Ground, Lambeth, London, SE1 9PX

Price: Backstage Tour: £6.50/£13.  Architecture Tour: £8/£16.  Both tours: £14.50/£29.  Prices are for one/two people.

Event Organiser: Derrick Daines

The Backstage tour allows you a glimpse into the backstage world where you will see preparation for the shows, including set-building and props-making in the National Theatre workshops.  Each tour is slightly different, so come and see what’s happening behind the scenes.  The tours last approximately 75 minutes.  We will be split into two groups, with the first group commencing their tour at 11:00 and the second group at 11:15.

The Architecture tour traces the genesis of the National Theatre, its original concept and design by Denys Lasdun (which has divided opinion since it opened in 1976) the building’s functions and the restoration project “NT Future”, which was completed in 2015.  We will learn about the history of the building and its carefully considered design.  The tour lasts 90 minutes, begins at 2.30 pm, and will take in both external and internal areas.

Note: Disabled parking is available and information about this will be provided by Derrick when you make your booking.

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  • Book online using the form below and post a cheque to the event organiser
  • Post a paper booking form to the event organiser and pay online when requested

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Backstage and Architecture Tours

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