First London Walk “City Riverside”

First London Walk “City Riverside”

Our London Walk this year takes us to the north bank of the River Thames. We will meet outside the main entrance of Blackfriars Underground Station at 1.30 pm with Diane Burstein and Val Chris, two excellent guides. Two hours later we will end the walk near Tower Hill Underground Station (on the same lines as Blackfriars).

Date/Time: Tuesday, 6th August 2019 at 13:00

Location: Blackfriars Underground Station, 179 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4DY

Price: £6 per person (Retiree and guest £12)

Event Organiser: Keith & Sue Andrews

As the City opens up its river path we will explore the lesser known North Bank of the Thames between Blackfriars and the Tower of London with fabulous views of the landmarks of Bankside. These include a church that inspired an American poet, a famous school for boys with many notable former pupils, a hidden monument to Shakespeare, an old fish market, a Livery Hall and a new mosaic at an ancient landing place.
Please let us know which date you would prefer or whether you are happy to attend on either date. With two day events it can be very difficult to organise if we end up with a large proportion of people all opting for one particular day, so if possible, please select the “either date” option if you can. We look forward to seeing you there and hope for fine weather.

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