London Walk 2022

London Walk 2022

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This walk is entitled “Monasteries, Martyrs, Meat and Medicine” and our two excellent guides will take us on a trip to discover Smithfield and beyond. It will be a revelation, with a historic site or building round every corner. This includes Charterhouse Square with its 18th century houses, an art deco gem which featured in the famous Poirot television series and medieval monastery buildings

Date/Time: Wednesday, 20th July 2022 at 14:00

Location: Barbican Underground Station, Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A 4JA

Price: £12 per person (retiree and guest £24)

Event Organiser: Keith Andrews

We will see several locations of interest, including:

  • The Victorian Meat Market at Smithfield Square, where we will hear about its history and recent evolition
  • The City’s oldest church, which has featured in numerous films
  • London’s oldest hospital, which is still on its original site
  • A former underground railway
  • Execution sites
  • A statue of our most famous king
  • Buildings which pre-date the Great Fire of London

Discover the house of a poet, a watch house and a church with a sinister secret. We will hear some of the many fascinating tales surrounding the Old Bailey and the notorious Newgate Prison, which formerly stood on the courthouse site.

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  • Book online using the form below and post a cheque to the event organiser
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All tickets sold
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London Walk 2022

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