Treasure Hunt Walk in Richmond

Treasure Hunt Walk in Richmond

Richmond, otherwise known as the Jewel in London’s crown, is the perfect setting for our Treasure Hunt this year. Please join us for this spring walk, which starts and finishes outside Richmond Station.

Date/Time: Tuesday, 17th May 2022 at 11:00

Location: Richmond Station, The Quadrant, Richmond, TW9 1DN

Price: £12.50 per person (retiree and guest £25)

Event Organiser: Simon Russell

We will meet you with a set of clues which will lead you to our Pub of choice and for your reward of refreshments, not far from the station where you started from. The Treasure Hunt clues will direct you through approximately two miles around Richmond town centre. This lovely walk snakes its way through the town, across Richmond Green and along by the river. There are many shops, cafes and pubs on route. You may think you know Richmond well, but it still takes time seeking out the answers to clues. Each clue leads on to the next; some clues are cryptic (not too difficult) and some can be found on public information boards, walls, benches etc. To add to the fun, this year we have a set of clues about pubs (of which there are many in Richmond). These clues will be in either anagram or cryptic form and you will need to keep a look out as you make your way round as they are in no particular order.

It is not a race and if you miss one, or can’t find the answer, simply continue with the next clue – you can’t get lost! Walk alone if you wish, but groups of three and four can be more fun. It will take approximately two hours plus to complete the walk of just over two miles not counting the time you may spend taking refreshments on route. With the final clue completed head to our chosen Pub meeting place (to be advised) for the Hunt answers plus your reward of light refreshments.

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for confirmation of your booking and for further information about this event.

Event Booking

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