Short Break to Potters 2023

Short Break to Potters 2023

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Potters Resorts is a family-run concern. It has been operating very successfully from its base in Hopton-on-Sea for several years and has a very good reputation. Their Five Lakes resort in Essex is newly opened and we have an opportunity for a 4 nights/5 days visit in March. All meals and most drinks are included in the package.

Date/Time: Monday, 20th March 2023 - Friday, 24th March 2023

Location: Potters Resorts Five Lakes, Colchester Road, Essex, CM9 8HX

Price: From £459 per person (details below)

Event Organiser: David Sparrow

Although we have considered going to Potters before as an alternative to Warners we chose not to as they seemed a little too remote, being near Great Yarmouth. However, they have now opened a new resort near Colchester and Mersea in Essex and are giving us an opportunity to experience it at lower-than-normal rates early in 2023. The week on offer also includes a free-to-enter bowls competition on their lovely indoor rinks. Their website is Potters Five Lakes Resort and this is their latest promotional video.

The main difference from Warners is that this is full board and drinks inclusive* with the opportunity to take a packed lunch out with you if you choose to go exploring on any day.
(*This includes the majority of well-known wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc, with certain higher-rated brands also available on a Premier list at extra charge if preferred).

The offer includes:

  • 5 days (4 nights) from Monday 20th March 2023
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus late supper, if you can make it!)
  • Drinks inclusive, as described above
  • Numerous activities, quizzes, etc
  • 9- and 18-hole golf courses*
  • A free-to-enter bowls competition
  • Lovely spa
  • Nightly entertainment

(*18-hole course is an extra charge as it is run by the local Golf Club)

Accommodation and Prices available

Note: All prices are per person.

Location Room Type Price

The available rooms can be single occupancy which incurs a supplementary cost of £100 (usually £200).

The above prices include a £5 per person Cancellation Protection Cover for each guest as outlined in Potters Groups Terms and Conditions. It is a requirement that the whole group takes out Cancellation Protection at this price. This allows name changes without charge. Where a cancellation is made due to illness, bereavement or redundancy and a valid claim form is received, Potters Resorts will refund all monies paid, retaining just £5 per person; deposit payments are therefore also covered.

These prices are around £100 pp less than Potters’ normal charges for a 5-day, full board, drinks-inclusive break.

For those trying to compare this offer with a similar Warners holiday at the same time, the rate per person is around £40-£50 higher but provides full- instead of half-board, drinks inclusive* and has many activities available too, so we think it’s a great opportunity to experience something similar yet also very different!

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