IBM Retired Employees' Club - London

How to Join Our Club

You are eligible to join the IBM Club as a Retiree member if you are an ex-employee of IBM, with a minimum of 10 years service working at IBM and are eligible to receive your pension, regardless of which pension plan you are on and whether you are in receipt of your pension.

If you wish to join the IBM London Retiree Club, please send a request for an application form to with a copy to

Widows and widowers of IBM Retirees can continue to enjoy Club benefits on the death of their spouse by applying to become members in their own right.  When they become a Club member in their own right, they can bring a guest with them to Club events at the subsidised rate (where applicable).

The information on your application form is retained by IBM Human Resources and then sent to the Database Co-ordinator at your selected Club who keeps a database of all the information and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. All data is treated as confidential and will only be used for Club communication.  It will not be divulged or sold.  It will be used to send out the Club’s Retiree News and any other necessary communication. Our complete data privacy policy may be downloaded from here.

If you possess an Email address and have supplied that, information will always be sent via this method, as there are significant cost savings over using the postal services.  If you do not have an Email address, we will communicate with you by post but will continue to encourage you to allow us to use Email services, where possible, as a preference.

In addition, we encourage all our members to use our website to keep up to date with Club activities and to apply for attendance at events, where applicable.

Important Note:  The Database is only as good as the data within it.  Therefore, should any of your personal details change, please inform your Club Database Co-ordinator in writing.